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Good Pictures with Your Smart Phone

Good Pictures with Your Smart Phone

The phones are equipped with excellent cameras, but their design leaves something to be desired. For example, if the camera moves during shooting, the image will be blurred. So why put the trigger on the phone screen, where finger pressure will cause a little shake? So taking picture by smart phone is an art so follow these rules

Install better implementation

Your phone is equipped with a photo application that offers only the basic functions, framing and shooting, with little opportunity for adjustment or editing. You will go much further with software that corrects blur and offers a wide range of color settings and sharpness. IOS users will be served with Camera +, those of Android, with Camera Zoom FX.

Add a goal

When you zoom with your phone, you only crop the image; your device does not have what it takes to focus properly, the result will thus the grain. To make a true zoom, you need a zoom lens that attaches to the camera. The price range varies significantly. Learn about these products so choose the one that suits you.

Multiply filters

The popularity of Instagram takes is for its filters that give pictures the look of an old image of a comic book, etc. You do not have to go through this social network to do the same: offer other applications multitudes filters to customize photos. VSCO Cam, for example, is compatible with most iOS and Android devices, has a myriad of options and lets you add in other (including specific sets of type “portraits”, “pale and melancholy,” ” warm and bright “) at low prices.

Allow time for the camera

You must leave the unit measure ambient lighting. Never take a picture immediately after activating the application; the result may be overexposed or amazing. Give the goal a second to adjust and then …

Touch to focus

It is the very obvious, but is often forgotten. Before taking a picture, touch the image area you want to do a tune. So you make sure to take Grandma, not the seagull eats a piece of bread a few meters away.

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