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Free Internet privacy and security online course

Free Internet privacy and security online course

Some time ago the experts of CyberYozh security group provided a free course on how to set up comprehensive Internet privacy and security written for both regular users and security specialists.
The course is posted on the official website, and any user can access all its contents free of charge. Our security experts brought a wealth of experience to this course and did their best to put it in a straightforward, simple and to-the-point language.
The course is divided into thematic sections that break down into chapters. Some sections focus on data security, for instance, the section “Encryption”, some explore data concealing like the section titled “Steganography”.
In a separate section, you can learn how to ensure anonymity with the help of commonly known tools ranging from Tor to VPN, combinations, including VPN-Tor-VPN.
You can also read about deanonymization where we reveal the methods of person identification on the Internet. You can set up your deanonymization when you simply visit a website or view a picture.
Our course also contains a section with plenty of entertaining stories about hacker’s mistakes that caused their downfall. In this section, you will read about Ross Ulbricht, the mastermind behind the underground Silk Road website, Jeremy Hammond, a legendary hacker who broke into the private intelligence firm Stratfor, and many other high-profile cybercriminals.
The course has plenty of tips, insights, and tests. These interactive additions serve to make the materials easier for your perception, while polls, “myth-reality” inserts and “guess the answer” widgets create a much more engaging reading experience.
If you are a Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS user, you will benefit from this course. The course is available in Russian and English. If you want to keep up to date with the project, you can sign up for getting the latest articles via push notifications, Telegram channel or RSS.

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