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Facts about Wi-Fi Radiation

Facts about Wi-Fi Radiation

Most people think of Wi-Fi as a modern marvel that makes life more convenient allowing them to use their cell phones, laptops and tablet computers just about anywhere. When people are told that the use of Wi-Fi exposing them to radiation from radio signals, most people feel that because these devises are small, their amount of exposure to radiation is limited and not all dangerous. You need to know the facts regarding Wi-Fi radiation so that you can clearly understand the dangers this radiation exposes you and your family to.

  1. The Amount of Radiation You Are Exposed to is Higher than Most People Expect- For starters, the amount of Wi-Fi radiation most people are exposed is far higher than most people are aware of. Most people are not just exposed to Wi-Fi radiation when they use their cell phone, table or laptop everyone is exposed to the radiation from Wi-Fi from a number of sources including cafes, restaurants, schools, libraries, and even the street. The more people around you who are using Wi-Fi devices the more radiation you are exposed to.
  1. Wi-Fi Radiation Can Cause Insomnia- One of the problems that Wi-Fi radiation can cause is insomnia. Studies suggest that spending long hours on your cell phone or laptop can lead to having difficulty in falling asleep and staying asleep. Over time chronic insomnia can result in problems a number of health issues including the increased risk of having accidents, pre-mature aging, and even diseases such as diabetes.
  1. Can Affect Your Child’s Health and Physical and Mental Development- All though more studies need to be done there is evidence that Wi-Fi radiation can have a huge effect on the tissue and bones on children since they are still developing. These studies suggest that being exposed to hours of Wi-Fi radiation each day can result in learning difficulties or impairments, behavioral changes, erratic heart rates, and even increase the risk of leukemia or cancer in children. EMF exposure has also been associated with childhood asthma.

Wifi Radiation

  1. Fertility Difficulties- Men who are exposed to long hours of Wi-Fi radiation may go on to have fertility issues, and be unable to have children. The longer you are exposed to this type of radiation the more likely you are to experience fertility problems. Therefore children who are exposed to Wi-Fi radiation for years before starting their families may discover they have a difficulty or are unable to conceive.
  2. Stress on Your Heart- Exposure to Wi-Fi radiation can put undue stress on your heart. Studies reveal that exposure to Wi-Fi radiation can result in faster or erratic heartbeat both of which can put undue stress on your heart which may have long term negative effect on your heart.
  1. Affects Cellular Growth and Increases the Risk of Cancer- Wi-Fi radiation studies also show that this type of radiation can actually interfere with cellular growth and EMF exposure from cell phones can result in increased risks of cancer.

As time goes by health officials find more and more risks from Wi-Fi exposure so it is important that you understand the risks and learn how to reduce some of those risks in order to protect you and your child’s health.

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