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Enhancing web security with Blue Coat Systems

Blue Coat System, which formerly known as cache flow, is a service provider of security and the networking solutions. Blue Coat was previously acquired by various companies. The next generation of Blue Coat has expertise with attack detection technology. This is an advanced signature lessengines, which is prepared to understand the basic nature of content along with new challenges of attacks. This kind of new engines isknown to require less updating and strong to secure the data.

Role of Blue Coat

Blue Coat is built to provide strong support to the safe run of the internet worldwide. With the advanced web protection system, anyone can filter web contents easily and can protect their personal computers from web hacking threats and various kinds of viruses. Blue Coat’s security technology is being designed to protect any kind of sophisticated malware attacks. Blue coat is always ready to provide the best options to choose for the best services, applications, data, contents and devices. Blue Coat’s technology is proving fruitful for the corporate web service too. With the time, Blue Coat is creating, communicating, innovating, collaborating and executing the desired level of web security system with Excellency.

Blue Coat services

It is impossible to constantly monitor the web activities neither at home nor at theoffice. Understanding the need, Blue Coat services innovates and designed the K9 web protection system this system provides theconsumerthe total control over the web usages to keep surveillance over how the web connections are being used. Blue Coat has achieved the praise from the users as their high-class filtering technology has proved the best surveillance system. Installing this system, parents are feeling satisfied with their children’s security while using web connections. Blue Coat has been built on the Proxy SG platform, which is an industry leading base of theplatform. Blue Coat firewalloffers full top ten protections along with upgraded controlling system, advanced accountability,and policy to perform the best regarding firewall and web solutions.

Features of Blue Coat

  • Blue Coat system offers the deep packet inspection technology which is basically used to censor and survey the internet
  • Packet Shaper is one of the security products of Blue Coat
  • It detects and solves online traffic and identify performance problems
  • It suppresses unwanted connections and manages network traffic

Web protection

Protecting website from malfunctioning and to protect the personal or office computers from hacking or virus attacks, Blue Coat invented strong web security systems, like- HTML injection, code injection, command injection, SQL injection, JSON validation and cross-sitescripting, etc. Not only these, but there are alsosignature-basedengines available to block the known patterns of attack. Blue Coat is providing protections to the global enterprises and also the governments. It is protecting above 15000 organization including seventy percent of the global fortune five hundred companies. Blue Coat is uniting network, web security system, and cloud through Blue Coat security platform. These can be on the web, on the network or in the cloud or in the mobile system. All these systems are running to provide protection against the cyber threats.

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