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Digital-Marketing Tips for Startups

You have just launched a startup and now you definitely need to get your brand in front of as many eyes as it is possible. The problem here is you are not just competing in the whole industry, but you are competing with all the millions of other marketing messages that your potential consumers are bombarded with every day. As a rule, young startups on top of everything do not have much funding for digital marketing. So what can you do here? Fortunately, there are eight affordable (and invaluable) digital marketing tips according to ICM Consulting reviews for such startups.

First of all, let’s talk social

The first thing you need to remember is that social media today is one of the best and most cost effective ways to actually market your startup. It can provide you with a platform for growing your brand, as well as offering an easy medium for customer service and promotion opportunities.

1. Be frequent and consistent: Social media is always a great way for you to build your brand’s voice. You need not only post regularly, but you need to create a uniformed identity to your posts. In addition, do not over post or deviate from your actual brand’s message. Remember to buffer App reports and that best number of posts to social web-sites like Facebook is somewhere between five and 10 times a week, for Twitter it is five tweets every day and for Google+ or LinkedIn it is only one time a day.

2. It is not about you, it is all about your customer: Using social networks only for promotional purposes is an absolutely failed strategy, because it provides you with no value to your followers. On the contrary, you need to find and share information that can be useful and interesting to your customers and only occasionally mix in some of your promoted content.

3. Engage with your followers: Social media is an undoubtedly great way for your startup to begin interacting with current and potential customers. You should leverage your followers and try to make them feel like very valuable members of your brand. You should not be afraid of any social confrontation, approach every complaint on your product or service as an opportunity to show how great your brand’s customer-service capabilities are.

4. Try small investments into the platforms: You know that today there is a great number of different social opportunities which you can invest in. ICM Consulting conducted a research and revealed the best options shown below so that you will be able to see what warrants the best ROI for your own startup.

Pay-to-play Service on Facebook: Facebook is fast and steadily becoming a pay-to-play platform for many startups, and if you really want to see any engagement you will have to invest some money into promoting your Facebook posts.

Sponsored tweets: With no doubt, Twitter today still manages to provide a pretty good amount of organic engagement, but this microblogging platform also has some paid solutions for various businesses, with one being sponsored tweet. If you get a sponsored tweet, you are very likely to reach higher engagement with followers (and others).

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