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How Customer Service is Changing with Technology

How Customer Service is Changing with Technology

Thirty-four percent of millennials say they’d rather get their teeth cleaned at the dentist than call a customer service line. Considering the staggering fear of the dentist that overwhelms manner, that statistic is alarming. Phone calls have, in some ways, become archaic, and as a result, customer service is changing, and your business needs to grow responsive to that.

Customer Service

Fast Email Responses

When people have a question about a product or service, but are not in need of an immediate answer, they may email the business. Although they were not necessarily looking for a response within the next couple of hours, they also do not expect to wait to hear days to hear back. Learning that email is a way of communication for the current generation in power is important. You must make sure that someone is monitoring emails on a daily basis and responding to people as soon as possible.

Personal Answers

Another problem that people encounter when they send emails to companies is that they receive a generic response back. This response may only loosely answer their question, or it may simply ignore a number of their concerns. Someone, or a group of people, at your business need to take the time to actually answer questions. Having some form responses is fine, but they may need elaboration or exploration to actually address the individual customers.

Live Chats

When individuals have questions or concerns, not only do they check for an email option, but they also search to see if a live chat is available. These chats tend to reduce the amount of time that people have to wait to speak with a representative, and they also allow customers to speak in a mode that is comfortable to them. Don’t obfuscate the location of your live chat either. If people want to use the feature and cannot find it, they are likely to quickly move on to a competitor. In fact, you may want to consider a pop-up box or a large button that invites people to chat with a representative as soon as they come to your website.

Text Message Alerts

Perhaps you own a company where people owe money in installment payments. With so many passwords to remember, many individuals become frustrated when they need to log onto yet another sign. Consider providing the option of signing up for text message alerts and linking an account to that number. For example, let’s say that you have some customers who forgot to pay their bill this month. You can send out a text message to them. Ask them to reply if they would like the bill paid with their account. Do not include the specific details of the account in the message; consider using the last four numbers. Then, all they need to do is reply to the message. They do not have to remember to do it later when they arrive home from work, and you can get paid on time.

Apps for Troubleshooting

Determine if it is possible to create an app for your product. People are often eager to look up solutions online or on applications, but they are not so quick to call the customer service line. You can create an app for your business that has a troubleshooting section on it. Do not simply include frequently asked questions that come to your mind; look to see what customers are actually saying about the product. When customers know that they can get answers in a short amount of time, they may be more likely to buy your products in the future.

Social Media Sites

You can allow your customers to act as customer service agents themselves in a way. Setting up a social media site, such as Face book, where customers can interact with one another helps to take some of the troubleshooting questions off of you. If people have a question about how a product functions, they may come to the website where they will receive an array of responses from other individuals. You know how to use customers as marketing agents; now, you can use them as customer service agents too.

Technology has a prodigious effect on customer service, and considering these facets of the situation can help you to keep up.

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