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Cloud Computing: Private and Public Cloud

Cloud Computing: Private and Public Cloud

Information Technology has brought a great revolution in various business operations as well as in the entire human life. From small software used in personal computer to the heavy design tools used in corporate world, all are benefactions of the IT industry. It has brought the whole world closer by its numerous advanced inventions and tools. Today, businesses know no physical boundaries, all thanks to IT. Be it the way you connect or communicate with the world, buy or sell products, or consume any other services, it has changed everything drastically. In fact, the benefits provided by IT are beyond the scope of this article.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an internet-based computing method to share, store and retrieve data and information from and to any device connected to the internet, irrespective of one’s physical location. People no longer need to carry their devices or local servers to use any of their application or other digital information. Users can share or retrieve their resources through a server termed as cloud server. It has taken the entire IT industry to a whole new level, providing high-performance computing powers to all.

It is typically a shared IT infrastructure that has large pools of systems that are linked to each other. It uses networks or large groups of servers, all connected through specialized data processing chores.

Cloud computing allows people to enhance capacity or add capabilities on the fly without investing in licensing new software, training new personnel, or new infrastructure.

Types of Clouds in Cloud Computing:

Private Cloud

A cloud server or simply cloud, whose infrastructure and services are maintained via a private network, is called a private cloud. It is a highly secure and controllable cloud that best suits businesses that are hugely dependent upon their data and applications. Moreover, if a business is a part of an industry where strict security and privacy issues are paramount for the proper functioning, then they should also go for private cloud services.

Private cloud can be a great option for businesses which already have expensive data centers because they can make use of their current infrastructure. However, the main drawback of private cloud is that the company is responsible for all management, maintenance and updating of data centers.

Public Cloud

A cloud in which the infrastructure and services are offered off-site via internet is termed as a public cloud. The greatest benefit of this cloud is the level of efficiency it offers to the users. However, it is more vulnerable compared to the private cloud. This cloud is a good option for the businesses working on projects that are in collaboration with other service or company. Companies using Software as a Service (SaaS), or those who require testing and developing different application codes, can also opt for the public cloud services. In Public cloud, the data is stored in the provider’s data center. All management, maintenance and updating of data centers is the responsibility of the provider. Most popular public cloud services are offered by Amazon (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft (Azure). Microsoft Azure and AWS consulting are services offered by IT support companies to businesses. You need to be very careful when you choose the right one for your business.

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