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Choosing Between YouTube and Instagram for Your Business Campaign

Choosing Between YouTube and Instagram for Your Business Campaign

A majority of the influencers of the world highly depend on two social platforms- YouTube and Instagram. YouTube now boasts of having more than 1 million users, with over 1 billion contents watched every day and did not lag behind either. It has almost 800 million users. Both of these video-based social media platforms retain unbelievable value, especially when promoting your brand and business. From formats to features, demographics and even user behavior, you need to consider way too many things while designing any campaign. So what should work best for your business promotion- Instagram or YouTube? Here are some pointers to help you get started.

Statistics Say

Let us have a look at the statistical data.  The 50 most followed Insta users have a follower of out 2.5 billion. It currently boasts of having more than 14.5 million sponsored, as well as paid posts. Also, the influencer marketing on Instagram has now made it a huge billion dollar industry. Hence, it is no wonder that many millions of people are building their fortunes off Instagram. The most ‘saleable’ Instagrammers can approximately make as much as $10,000 per post, and about $500,000 per year. A recent survey, involving 20,000 users also show that almost 48.4% of the participants are heavily influenced by Instagram, especially when choosing a brand is concerned. Then again, another very recent survey shows that nearly 7 out of 10 YouTube subscribers relate to their favorite video content creator more than that of a conventional movie or television stars. In fact, almost 40% of millennials consider their chosen YouTubers understand them better than their family and friends. The videos created by the most favorite YouTube stars have 3X views, commented about 12X times and results in 2X as many actions as the videos from well-known celebrities. When it comes to revenue generation, you can estimate that a YouTuber having almost 1-3 million subscribers can earn as much as $1, 25,000 per post. Also, 24.6% of participants in a survey mentioned that they would prefer YouTube to any other social media platform to engage in a sponsored content.

Instagram or YouTube?

From the statistical study that you have just come across, it can be said that both these video-related materials have their own advantages and unique fan followings. So instead of considering a typical YouTube versus Instagram study to choose the perfect platform for your business campaign, consider some practical aspects. For example, see you many of your targeted audiences find relevance in each of the platforms. Also, see which social media platform, helps you to reach maximum leads.

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