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Choosing Your Domain Name before Designing a Website

The domain name of a website is an important part of its future. How to find a “good” name, when the most commonly used word .com is already taken?


 A domain name should be at the same time easy to remember at typing in the address bar, stick to the theme of the website…

The words most common vocabulary, and even expressions, will most often already taken, especially on the .com. Still, it’s always interesting to have these words in the URL, particularly to facilitate memorization. This also gives them “weight” in the search engines with that, even if the abuse has resulted engines to look with suspicion index.

Several solutions are available to us if we still use a common word:

– test if this word is not available in another extension (biz, .net, .co.uk …)

– use two or three words or less, in the domain name, separated by a hyphen if you want it weighs in engine ranking. It can be a letter-word, to have a short field.

– try to buy the desired domain name to the owner, especially if he does not use it (you can find the owner information in the Who.is).

It is better still a short, catchy name, if possible meaning, but especially easy to remember a name with common words, but too long.

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