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Cheerson CX-10W quadcopter Review

Cheerson CX-10W quadcopter Review

We will begin our review thanking James from Rcmomnet that offered Maine this nice toy so as to check it and write my impressions regarding it. most likely several fellows can take into account some reasonably waste of your time to play with such a basic model however i believe each model has its own fun.

Description: https://img.rcmoment.com/product/original/p/gu1/R/G/RM5049G/RM5049G-1-8221-jMoU.jpg

Cheerson CX-10W review – 1st impression

As antecedently mentioned the CX-10W is packed in a very tiny eighty five x eighty five x forty millimeter cardboard box. Besides the little craft, the package includes one set of spare propellers, USB charger and user manual. Yes, there’s no transmitter enclosed and you may want a smartphone to pilot this CheersonWiFi quad.

The total weight of the craft is around seventeen g, that makes it most likely one in every of the world’s lightest FPV quadcotper.

This rtf rc quadcopter design of the craft is extremely similar with the one the previous models has, excepting the massive “WIFI” brand from the highest of it. On the proper facet of the mini drone square measure situated the ON/OFF power switch and also the small charging connecter.

In order to permit an improved orientation in low light-weight condition, on the front arms their square measure blue LEDs and on the rear arms the LEDs square measure red.

Maybe it’s weird or like one thing is broken however those 2 items of wires that came out from the CX10W is Wi-Fi antenna.

Cheerson CX10W review – Camera

The aboard camera permits to capture photos and videos with resolution of 720 x 576 pixels. One minute of video with sixteen bits mono audio occupies regarding 60MB and ensuing regarding two hundred MB files per flight. This CX-10W doesn’t need a small Mount Rushmore State card like its precursor as a result of the captured files square measure keep on smartphone’s non-volatile storage, within the folder named “WiFiUFO”.

Of course we have a tendency to can’t expect a superb image quality from this little camera, however once few tests I will say that’s pretty sensible in step with the worth and size of the CX10W (check the sample photos at the top of my review).

Cheerson CX-10W review – check flight

In order to check the flight capabilities of the CX-10W quad I had to put in on my smartphone the antecedently mentioned app.

Binding the phone with the craft is extremely easy. once the quad-copter is switched ON, a brand new open network referred to as “CX-10W-8ffacb” can show abreast of the list of the accessible WiFi connections. Next step is to pick out and connect with this network and run the CX-10WIFI App.

Cheerson CX-10W review – Final words

Anyway, defrayal $33 on this toy isn’t a nasty plan considering that’s a pleasant indoor flyer simply good for a few workplace quiet time. Necessary truth is that spare components square measure out there and square measure comparatively low cost, a whole set of propellers prices regarding $1.60 and a brand new battery $2.90.

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