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About Blue Coat System

A Bluecoat authorizes enterprises to quickly and safely choose the best application services, data source, devices and the content world has to offer, therefore they may create, communicate, innovate and win in their markets. Bluecoat technology is designed for the corporate networks. The development of Security solutions providers for the web users has become clear through Blue Coat Systems. This kind of solutions has been provided to the home users as well as the enterprises.  As Bluecoat moved into the WAN optimization markets, it developed several corporations to build additional functionality into the product portfolio. The Blue coat system converges all the users like network, cloud implications, and security to make sure they get the safer data with the optimal performances of the web applications with minimal network impacts

Description of Blue Coat

Blue coat provides advanced security, network and cloud protection for 15,000 governments every day, with 88% of the 100 largest global corporations. A Bluecoat transfers a united security platform that addresses these developing security, Network and cloud requirements, including five advanced solutions that effort equally well across cloud-managed and on-premise  environments: proxy-based traffic inspection and policy enforcement, Encrypted traffic management, Advanced threat protection, Network forensics and Network performance optimization. The network operators suffer the Bluecoat security platform since it delivers security that really recovers performance with five 9s dependability and in-line traffic review at actual network speeds.

Blue Coat Security Platform

Blue coat is one of the important providers of advanced web security resolutions for global enterprises and governments. The blue coat may protect organizations and their users from threats, whether they are in-network, cloud, mobile and the web. The Blue coat security platform helps to get extreme protection from your complete computing atmosphere, minimizing the impact on network performance and enabling you to fully hold services and cloud applications. The data of any companies or the enterprises is very important and it has to be secured with a great care. Blue Coat Systems take care of those data with the advanced web protection. There is no chance of losing their data over the cloud in driving the effectiveness of their services and interactions with the customers. The k9 web protection is very friendly, simple and reliable software for all platforms and also available for all iPhone, iPads, Androids, and iPods. The blue coat security platform may help to manage the difficulties of several enormous shifts taking place in your calculating background. Network operators recommend the blue coat security platform because it distributes security which essentially helps to improve performance, reliability and traffic inspections.

Blue Coat System Protection for The Financial Services

Sectors like Banks and Investment firms wanted to satisfy their nation or the region or the international data centers along with the protection laws of the sectors. These sectors have to keep their data according to the data privacy and security requirements based on the standards of the industry. Financial data requires the safe and secure place to store their data and share with their customers only. These sensitive data have to be taken from the sub-sectors for further use. Saving something over the cloud makes them more complicated with the IT security because those documents can be accessed by the employees directly. So, blue coat system comes with the solution in providing data access with rules and regulation of the data security.

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