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Blogging 101: How to Create an Effective Strategy for Your Business Blog

Blogging 101: How to Create an Effective Strategy for Your Business Blog

Indulging in the world of digital marketing can be a bit confusing for a newbie, since there is really a lot to learn and new trends keep popping up around every corner. However, when you are running a business, it is vital that you learn everything there is to know about digital marketing and keep up with the latest trends in order to take your business to a whole other level and make it successful.

Why is that so important? Because digital marketing has become an integral part of our everyday lives and no business can actually succeed without the proper implementation of digital marketing strategies and tactics. Everyone is online, so you need to be establish an online presence as well, if you want to attract more customers and successfully grow your business.

There are a lot of elements crucial for the successful marketing of your business and blogging happens to be one of them. Gone are the times when blogging was merely for those who wanted to express their opinions and share their wisdom with the world, hoping they would connect with someone alike. These days, blogging is one of the most important strategies that business owners implement into their business plans with the end goal of engaging people in their brands and building a strong reputation.

However, it is not nearly enough to simply create a blog, publish several posts and be done with it. You must have a certain blogging strategy, and an effective one at that. Here’s what you need to know in order to create a successful blogging strategy that will actually help you improve your business and take it to another level.

Set Your Goals and the Purpose of Your Blog


Before you start working on your strategy, you need to set clear goals you want to achieve with the content you will provide on your blog. With your primary goals in mind, you need to determine what is going to be the purpose of your blog. Ask yourself what the goal of your business is. How are you going to achieve that goal? What role is your blog going to play in order to help you achieve that goal? What purpose do you want it to fulfil?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you will know exactly which path to tread on when you start creating your content. You certainly want to create content that people will engage in and knowing your blog’s purpose will help you understand how to convey the right message to your readers. It will help you craft content that will give special meaning to your readers and show them the benefits of visiting your blog time and time again.

Therefore, don’t create your blogging strategy in the dark. Shed some light on your end goal and it will show you the right path to your target readers.

Identify Your Target Readers


If you create content with the goal of it appealing to everyone, you will make a huge mistake that can make you lose customers and cost you a lot of revenue. Therefore, you need to clearly define your target readers and tailor the content of your blog to their interests. Knowing who your target readers are will help you understand how to attract them and, of course, engage them in your blog.

Once you know who your ideal customers are, you need to conduct research and learn everything about their customer behaviour and their interests. When you know what they are interested in, you will know how to create content they will be interested in. You will know how to pull them in and provide them with exactly what they are looking for, thus compel them to keep coming back for more.

You can define your target readers with the use of various demographics, such as age, gender, occupation, education, location, interests and a number of other characteristics that can help you create content that they will find relevant and useful. It’s crucial to define your target readers as narrowly as you can, so that you can have better chances of engaging them in your brand and building trust with them, ultimately turning them into your customers, which is exactly the primary goal of inbound marketing that every blog should be about.

Use the Right Set of Keywords


Keywords are very important part of your blog, as they can help you attract your target audience, but you need to know how to use them properly. You cannot implement just any keywords or focus on those that you think are the right ones and will attract people. You need to know which keywords your target customers are using to find the content relevant to your business.

You need to conduct thorough keyword research and determine what terms your target audience is typing in their search engines to find what they are looking for, so that you can implement those keywords into your content. That way, they will be able to find you more easily.

How is that exactly? Search engines learn what your blog is about by looking at your keywords, according to which they direct people to your blog. Therefore, when you include certain keywords in your content, search engines will show your blog in search results to the people who used those particular keywords to find what they need.

Craft Compelling Content


You need to create content that your target readers will find interesting and relevant. It needs to meet their needs and provide them with actual benefits, so that they will keep coming back. Your content needs to provide them with something they actually want to read about, so you need to address their customer pain points in order for them to really fall in love with your blog. Also, pay close attention to headlines, since they are what drives people to actually read any content, so make sure you always come up with interesting and captivating headlines.

What’s crucial is to focus on quality over quantity, because it is much better to publish one high-quality post a month than to frequently publish mediocre content that will only result in wasted efforts. However, consistency is key for a successful blog, so make sure you update your content on a regular basis. You can use content marketing software to effectively update your content based on real-time information gathering, feedback and your own input.

It would be great to schedule your posts, so that your readers can know when to expect new content. When you make a schedule, stick to it, since it will show that you are a professional who takes business seriously, but it will also show that you care about your customers.

Your tone of voice is very important when writing content and every piece of your writing should scream your voice and personality. Personalized content is key and it will help you stand out from your competition. When you use your own voice and personality when creating content, it will certainly be more attention-grabbing and it will ultimately be unique. The content will be original and set your blog apart from all the other blogs out there.

The power of visual content – Visuals play a grand role when it comes to attracting people to your content. They have the power of capturing the attention of your readers and engaging them on a much deeper level. Therefore, you should enrich your blog with beautiful and high-quality images that bring more value to your every piece of content. If they are eye-catching and appealing, people will definitely engage more, since visual content triggers emotional responses.

Speaking of visuals, video content is exploding and its popularity is only going to grow bigger. The video is on the rise and we are yet to witness its highest peak, so make sure you climb on the bandwagon and join the ride. Implement video content into your blog and you will certainly drive more people to it, since videos are a powerful tool for influencing people.

A lot of studies have shown that business owners who realized the power of videos and incorporated them into their marketing campaigns have significantly increased their sales and improved their ROI, so you can see that videos can really make a huge difference and help you not only grow your blog, but also grow your business.

Nowadays, people prefer watching a video about a brand to simply reading about it and, more importantly, Google prefers videos as well. It indexes video content when determining the ranking of websites and changes their SEO ranking accordingly so, if you add high-quality and relevant videos to your blog, you will definitely improve your SEO ranking and ultimately have more people coming to your blog. Before you know it, you will beat your competition and turn your blog into a lead conversion tool.

Promote Your Blog on Social Media


Social media marketing has become one of the best types of marketing for pretty much every business, since social media open the door to millions of potential customers. Almost everyone has an account on at least one social media network so, by engaging in social media, you can manage to grab the attention of quite a large number of people and try and convert them into your customers.

What’s important is to stay active and share, as well as re-share, your every blog post, along with relevant images and enticing descriptions of your content. What’s more, you need to take time to respond to your followers’ comments and answer any of their questions, since it will paint the picture of a professional who actually cares about customers and values their opinions.

You should always respond politely and professionally, even when you get negative feedback. Speaking of negative feedback, if you get any negative comments, you should never delete them and try and push everything under the carpet, but instead offer solutions to any potential problems. That will help you build trust with your customers and build a strong reputation that will help you increase your conversions and grow your business.

Also, don’t shy away from asking questions and encouraging discussions. Talk to your target audience – really talk to them, instead of merely sharing links to your blog posts. The key to building a strong brand is talking and listening to your customers, as well as taking their opinions into consideration.

Measure the Performance of Your Blog


In order to create a truly effective strategy that will make your blog successful, you need to measure the performance of your blog. It will give you an insight into its success and help you learn whether or not some elements might need a bit of adjustment. You need to measure your blog’s results and see if your strategy is really working. You can use a lot of metrics to measure your blog’s performance, but you need to know exactly what you should track in order to evaluate whether or not your content is meeting its mark.

You need to track likes, shares, mentions, re-tweets, backlinks, as well as email subscribers. Don’t forget about the comments, since they will show you real engagement results. Furthermore, pay attention to visits, as they will show you how many people have actually read your content and you can get an insight into the most popular of your blog posts. That will help you understand what type of content your readers find most appealing, so that you can use that knowledge to always provide them with enticing content.

The leads metric is perhaps the most important one, as it will show you which of your blog posts have generated the most leads. This metric is the best indicator of a successful blog, so make sure you use it to determine how well your blog is performing and whether or not your strategy brings positive results.

Final Words

Creating an effective strategy for your business blog seems rather easy right about now, doesn’t it? However, it takes time and real effort and months will certainly pass before you can actually start generating quality leads and manage to convert them into customers. Nevertheless, if you follow the aforementioned tips, you will be able to create a strategy that will help you not only grow your blog, but also grow your business.

It will help you increase your sales and generate more revenue, ultimately making some real profit. You never know – maybe you’ll even manage to become one of the influencers in the blogging world and climb to the top of the corporate ladder. So, wait no longer and blog away!

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