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A Bird’s Eyeview on Dedicated Server Hosting

Anyone planning to put up a website will need web hosting. What kind of web hosting fits your brand? It’s exciting to see your website go live whether you are rooting for a personal or corporate brand. Newbie businesses or startups would often go for shared hosting for obvious reasons – it’s cheaper yet reliable in similar aspects as a dedicated hostingserver. However, if you look at your business soaring and conquering new heights over the years – you would want to invest on something bulletproof and rock-solid like the dedicated server hosting.

Your online presence needs a synergy of different elements to capture the interest of web users like engaging and interactive videos, images, and audio files that can let out the hook at the end of your sales funnel. A dedicated server will surely oil up and recharge your marketing machinery into full blast.

  • What Dedicated Server Hosting Offers

Homing in on the dedicated server hosting gives you the upper hand in controlling the scripts and apps that you install on the servers. When you got everything all to yourself, you get complete control over what happens to your site unlike when you use shared hosting which limits or restricts every action because it can also affecting the performance of neighboring sites.

Sure thing, the best dedicated server hosting providers are a bit pricey as compared to shared server hosting. The numbers relatively go up especially if you will do the maintenance and handling of firewalls – but you can skip this entire hullabaloo with a fully-managed dedicated server.  A dedicated server would usually cost around $100 per month in comparison to a shared server that can be leased for $10 or even less for a month.

When deciding whether a shared or dedicated hosting server would work for your business – you need to figure out how much server power is needed to run your empire online. If you are running a personal blog which needs less server power then you can opt for VPS hosting, shared hosting, or WordPress hosting instead.

You get to save on dedicated hosting by signing up for lengthier contracts like a 1-year contract which reduces the price up to around 30% or even more. For instance, you can get a GoDaddy dedicated hosting server for only $79.99 per year as opposed to its price offer of $129 per month.

  • Dedicated Hosting Server Should Be Your Choice

Why settle for less when you can have the dedicated server hosting? Dedicated hosting is expensive but you can afford it especially with these features to boot: Diskspace is important – around 1TB or even more especially for storing vast amount of files. 5GB of RAM at minimum is needed for a business empire. Uptime monitoring is critical. If your site has more downtime, then start looking around for better options as this will capsize your business in no time.

Using dedicated server hosting gives your site the benefits of reliability, competency, speed, and stability especially when it comes to levelling the playfield with your competition. While shared servers host different or multiple sites, a dedicated hosting server exclusively hosts one site – and this is why the price tag is worth the risk. Your site then is able to completely leverage on maximizing the varied resources and features a dedicated hosting provides for a brand it serves.

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