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Big Data Solutions – The Big Leap Towards Smarter Data

Big Data Solutions – The Big Leap Towards Smarter Data

The amount of data in our universe has been growing enormously with the boom in the digital communications sector. According to analysis by IDC, ‘like the physical universe, the digital universe is large – by 2020 it will consists of lots of digital bits as there are stars in the universe. Digital data is growing rapidly and according to an estimate it will surpass the 44 trillion gigabytes mark in say another 5 years or so.

Businesses and the Public sector today are required to analyze a whole gamut of data sets, decode complicated data running on mobile networks, and social media, all while ensuring privacy is protected at all levels. With such a bulk amount of data, it becomes really important to have a trusted infrastructure that’s capable of managing a range of data sets, of varied scale, and that too in real-time.

Big Data solutions from Microsoft comes as a rescue to handle such situations. It helps customers gain insights on business using a wealth of structured and unstructured data available on the net. It has in its arsenal a range of analytical tools & innovative data management solutions. It offers valuable patterns and predictions in today’s world which are required to understand vast volumes of both structured and unstructured data. It has the ability to discover useful information hidden in the data. Big data are data that cannot be handled by traditional means because of its volume, variety and velocity. Big Data solutions from Microsoft is often described as a solution to these “three V’s problem”:

Volume – Big data typically store and query hundreds of terabytes of data, and the total volume is probably growing by ten times every five years.

Variety – Big Data holds a wide variety of data in the form of unstructured text, video, audio that if analyzed in a proper way can enable companies to arrive at the right decisions.

Velocity – Data is being gathered at a very fast pace from a range of devices, and applications. Big Data works in this case as well.

The technology that’s working at the core of all sorts of big date implementations is Apache Hadoop. Big data batch processing solutions involves a simple process. Source files are broken up to create blocks that are then replicated on a distributed bundle of commodity nodes. Data processing runs side by side on all of the nodes, while the processes are then integrated to create a piled result set.

Impact of Big Data solutions from Microsoft in daily life-

  •        Big Data tools are deployed by Quora and Facebook to learn more about you and provide content matching your interests.
  •        Credit card companies scan transactions using the Big Data tools to detect fraud.
  •        It can help companies to improve their services, to predict future growth and demand needs.
  •        Big data is getting popular in the healthcare sectors to help in the analysis that prevent disease, identify modifiable risk factors for disease and design interventions for health behavior change.

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