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Best Widgets for the Iphone users

Best Widgets for the Iphone users

Apple users are waiting for the widgets support in to the iphone, which is similar to the home screen widgets or apps in Google Android platform. But, widgets in the iphone are slightly different, which stays invisible, until the user swipes it down from the top of the screen. Here we can see some of the best iphone widgets app could be easily downloaded with free of use.

The Widget called battery graph, is used to track the battery level of the device and it is displayed through the graph representation. In addition to that, it calculates the estimation that when your battery level will be completely empty, based on the previous usage of the device. Graph of the widget is customized one and you have the option to select the color of the graph, according to your choice and turn on and off mode for the grid lines represented in middle of the graphs. Time period of half a day, one day, two days or three days can be made according to the user usability.

Ever note in iphone 6 lcd replacement  in the widget with the modern workspace that synchronizes between all of your devices. You can work everywhere by keeping the task and being productive such as making a note, doing a research of any particulars, organizing the documents, photos and for the discussion with your colic’s about your work. With the ever note premium standard, enormous and unique features are available.  Working via offline access that works at any time and everywhere without the connection facilities. More work space, which provides you on every month basis to the certain level of flexible usage. Even you can search and find inside the attachments and the documents. The very important one is privacy. There is a lock option to protect by either the password code lock or touch id locking methods. Even the noted can be transferred into presentations without using the slides.

Each and every time, we use lot of apps and widgets which is our most favorite ones. A widget named, Launcher is an app which brings all your favorites to your fingertips in a second.  With the one tap notification, it goes to the email, call; message and face time the people to whom you contact the most. To get directions for any specific address, nearby restaurants, coffee shops, super market or whatever you are looking for at your current location. Any websites can be accessed directly according to the search. Even you start to play the favorite music immediately using music launchers rather than playing randomly. The weather conditions and the forecasts, uber time estimates, network, the world clock could be analyzed by the magic launchers.

Iphone user who use today’s view or notification centre in the IOS device most often, Orby widget is a very essential utility for those users. The Orby bundles with twelve widget for all which are conversation widget, App launcher, calculator, memory, speed call, storage, battery, CPU, Data usage, network address, runtime, music sharing widgets.

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