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The Best Gaming Monitors You Can Buy in 2017

The Best Gaming Monitors You Can Buy in 2017

Every gamer knows the importance of having a high-end display. In addition to producing an incredible range of colors, today’s gaming monitors are highly responsive. However, in order to enjoy gaming at Ultra-HD resolution, you will need an Xbox One S, a PS4 Pro or a gaming PC. In the subsequent sections, we’ll shed some light on the best gaming monitors you can purchase in 2017.

What to consider while buying a gaming monitor?

Before getting a monitor for gaming, ensure that it has a good Refresh Rate and Response Time. The former tells you how many frames the screen can display per second, and the latter determines how fast the display can react to an input. Also, you must check if the monitor supports AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync. These are advanced technologies that sync the screen with your GPU. Finally, choose a display with the maximum number of inputs. Some monitors offer just HDMI while others have more advanced options like DisplayPort and DVI.

BenQ RL2455HM:

The BenQ RL2455HM is a champion among budget-friendly gaming monitors. The 24-inch screen with full-HD resolution does justice to every game you play, but at low or medium settings. We also liked the monitor’s responsiveness, its intuitive control interface, and the number of display presets it features. It even comes with dedicated modes for strategy games like Dota 2 or StarCraft II.

Acer Predator X34:

The Predator X34 is a 34-inch “curved monitor” so be ready for a rich and immersive experience. With a resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels, this display can transport you to any virtual world. Design wise, the Predator look perfect, with sharp edges and customizable LED’s that glow beautifully over your keyboard and mice.

Dell S2417DG:

If you’re looking to say goodbye to full-HD and play games only in 2560 x 1440, this monitor is perhaps what you need. Thanks to its high color accuracy and support for NVIDIA G-Sync technology, you wouldn’t miss even the tiniest details on the screen. It may not have the looks of a gaming monitor, but performance wise, it is a beast.

Acer B286HK:

The B286HK delivers you 4K resolution without burning a hole in your pocket. From gorgeous colors and high refresh rate to intuitive menus, it has everything you expect from a gaming monitor. The users who have tons of content to display can take advantage of the monitor’s picture-in-picture or vertical orientation features.

Acer Predator B321HK:

Although any video looks spectacular in 4K resolution, the rule hardly applies to gaming. But, thanks to its G-Sync technology, the B321HK does not suffer from screen tearing, so you’ll get a smoother experience while gaming in Ultra-HD. No matter what game you are playing, every frame looks awesome on the massive 32-inch display.


This is one of the best high-end gaming monitors we have ever tried. With vibrant colors and quick response time and a perfect design, the MG278Q is unmatched in its segment. What’s even better? It supports FreeSync for a lag/stutter free gaming experience, but you should use AMD graphic cards to benefit from this technology. The monitor’s GamePlus overlay options allow you to add extra things such as timers or crosshairs. This can add a boost to your gaming performance.

Gaema Vanguard:

The Vanguard is a 19-inch gaming monitor that you can carry anywhere. It even has a tough carrying case for holding Xbox or PlayStation systems. However, the case is on the heavier side and the monitor’s display resolution is just 720p. That said, the Vanguard ensures that your gaming devices are safe whether shove in your car’s trunk or stow it in an airplane’s luggage compartment. Upon arriving at your destination, all you have to do is opening the case and plugging in the console. It’s that simple.

BenQ XL2450:

There may be dozens of gaming monitors built for eSports, but the XL2450 is the most remarkable of them. The 24.5-inch screen may have a resolution of only 1080p, but the refresh rate is extremely high at 240Hz – about 100Hz more than an average gaming monitor. Therefore, you cannot miss a single frame. But the real deal is the Shield, a set of panels on the monitor’s either side. They block the outside distractions and let you focus better on your game.

We hope this list helps you pick the best 4K gaming monitor 2017 and takes your gaming experience to a whole new level.

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