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Backlinkem Review – They really helped me with my rankings

Backlinkem Review – They really helped me with my rankings

I recently purchased from Backlinkem.com and now I’m going to give my Backlinkem review here.  I don’t buy too many SEO or backlinking services anymore, mainly because I’ve slowed down online a little bit, but after stumbling on backlinkem I’m glad I did.

I chatted with Thomas for a little bit and got all of the details I needed about one of their high quality backlink packages and I decided to buy it.  I was talking to Thomas every other day to check on the progress of the work and he assured it was going just fine and he would contact me if there was any concern.  Normally when someone says that it’s just to get you to stop emailing them, but Thomas seemed genuine and he even sent me a full report 3 days before I was expecting it.  Along with the report he asked if there was anything else I could do and he also recommended 2 edits to my website that would help with my rankings.  I thought he was crazy to suggest me an edit, since I did all of my on page SEO myself, but when I checked his edit recommendations I was shocked to see I actually messed something up.  When Thomas suggested I make a couple edits and then me seeing that it would actually help a lot if I did, it opened up my eyes to Backlinkem because they are genuine people and they actually want to help you achieve success.

After getting my backlinks done I knew it would take a little while to sink in and see a boost in the SERPs.  SERPs stands for Search Engine Results Pages (don’t worry, I didn’t know that either until Thomas told me!).  I was watching my rankings like a hawk and they were going up and down a little each day, which is normal because of the Google Dance, which is just a thing that happens after you place some new backlinks.  You’re essentially moving around because Google is trying to figure out where to place your website within their rankings now.  After about 2 weeks of dancing around in the SERPs my website landed on page 1 around the #5 listing, which is great!  Before the work that Backlinkem did, I was sitting on page 3 and not getting any traffic, not I’m no the middle of the first page and getting sales 😀

With the results of just one order I’ve gotten to the middle of page 1.  This encouraged me to purchase another high quality package from them and I’m already seeing another boost that is pushing me closer to that #1 spot!

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