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Apple Watch vs Android Wear

Apple Watch vs Android Wear

The two Smartwatch generals of the Smartwatch war – Android Wear and Apple Watch are going head to head as Google and Apple go to another round of war.

Just like the other smartphone war, the battle extends beyond the look and price it is ideological. Apple’s is a remarkable experience versus the selection and variety provided by Android Wear.  The army of loyal programmers, enormous fan base, and accessory manufacturers of Apple against Google’s powerful associate’s stable platform.


Apple Watch is definitely aiming for the high-end of the smartwatch marketplace with its smartwatch. With the freedom to choose from tons of straps, an option of three versions across two sizes, how luxurious you want to go depends on your purse.

With the various editions such as the aluminum watch sport, the 18k karat gold watch, and the stainless steel watch, it is certain Apple design team spent a lot of time crafting something appealing for the luxury lovers.

There are some different devices to take into account on the Android Wear side, nevertheless. While the Android Wear watches were quite chunky and appealing, latest arrivals such as the Huawei Watch along with the Moto 360 (2015) indicate producers are actually taking more care about the design procedure.

An Android Wear competitor, the Tag Heuer Connected, is definitely the most fashionable and well-built Android smartwatch thus far.

Screen and battery life

You’ll find two Apple Watch display sizes available to fit the size of your wrist: a 38-millimeter tall, 1.5-inch display and a 42-millimeter tall, 1.65-inch display.

The Apple Watch display is definitely as striking as you’d expect from an organization which makes the iPhone, with vivid and sharp colors along with a unique force touch interaction to bring up context-sensitive menus.

Battery is the Achilles heel of the Watch, however. The 42mm Watch is slightly shy of two days while the 38mm model lasts a long day with close to 20% to spare. This smartwatch you will be forced to charge nightly.

Android Wear displays come in different sizes and shapes even from the same manufacturer. Concerning resolution, there has been a drastic improvement. For example, the Huawei Watch’s round 1.4-inch screen has a 400 x 400 resolution which is an impressive 286 ppi.

As for battery life, there is little to yell about. The Sony Smartwatch 3 is not bad for 2 days’ of regular use. However, devices like the Watch Urbane will endure a day and a half. The latest Motos have larger

Batteries – 400mAh and 300mAh – but that just mean they match opponents, not trail blaze multi-day use.

A couple of Android Wear devices fight to survive a day while others can battle on into two, so when compared to the Apple Watch, on average, it is about even across the board.


In the event you have used Android and iOS on tablets and smartphones then you have enough good notion of the means by which the Android Wear and Apple Watch interfaces stack up.

An extremely tidy, uncluttered method is taken by the Apple Watch, using a recognizable programs grid as you find in iOS to select from and lots of the exact same design cues. Both physical buttons definitely help in regards to navigation pressing on the digital crown, for instance, takes you home.

Android Wear does feel more suited to your wristwatch as well as a small display, with Google Now growing into an incredibly useful program that actually does understand exactly what you need to know (e.g. the time of your next assembly) before you do.

Both platforms make substantial utilization of voice control in place of a touchscreen keyboard, providing a suitable if not 100% precise manner of performing activities on the wearables and reacting to notifications.


The mobile app store notion was initiated by Apple with the iPhone not to mention there are an enormous variety of programmers and businesses clamoring to get their goods on the surface of the Apple Watch.

Apple’s platform gives developers the capacity to produce both ‘Glimpses’ (fast info popups) and ‘Notifications’ (more alarms using the choice to react) that means a lot of flexibility for those coding the program. Together with the next generation of applications, devs may also build standalone programs which run when you are not with your iPhone.

Among the smart top features of Android Wear is the way notifications are supported by it from any program right out of the box, even whenever program in question has not been upgraded for five years. Programmers can decide to develop upon this fundamental functionality to offer more interactive components as well as a program that runs only about the smartwatch itself.

There is little to select between the Android and iOS app stores with respect to smartphones, but with the smartwatches, we have to say Apple has the edge.


Apple targets the luxurious of the competition, a d the did’t disappoint t us. The cheapest Apple

Watch goes for $349. For about $549 and $10,000, you will be privileged to enjoy the functionality of their standard stainless Apple Watch and gold Apple Watch Edition

Android Wear watches are a lot more appealing to the budget-aware as you can get some as low as $149.


As we mentioned before, selecting your smartwatch will be mainly determined by the type of

Smartphone you are now rocking. Less so since Android Wear functions with iPhones, however, it is worth going out to get a Apple Watch

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