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Apple TV Is Your Best Bet To Get Personal With Your Customers

Apple TV Is Your Best Bet To Get Personal With Your Customers

Apple obtained its position as a major player in the consumer electronics industry through its commitment to innovation and its ability to create a personal relationship between its products and the people who use them. With the introduction of the Apple TV, Apple has extended this relationship into the living room: Twitter-based analytics demonstrate that users of Apple TV’s newest generation are happy with the experience and show signs of developing a high level of emotional connection to the product. It’s that emotional connection which is crucial to developing and sustaining a platform’s longevity and effectiveness, as users become attached not only to the applications and media they access but the platform as a whole.

By committing your brand to the Apple ecosystem, you are doing more than just expanding your market, you’re tapping a client-base with millions of devoted, passionate users who have the potential to integrate your app into their regular living room routine. And Apple’s tendency to lead the pack when it comes to consumer product development means that your business has the opportunity to create long-term relationships with those consumers in a space where they spend a major part of their personal lives. While the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets has expanded and diversified the number of screens that can potentially stream content in a household, the living room still has a major hold on the way that consumers receive and share media.

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When working with a platform that has the potential to create such an intimate relationship with your customers, it only makes sense to utilize the services of a developer such as Clearbridge Mobile that can rise to the challenge. You don’t want to create just another application that gets lost within a sea of competing apps, you want to develop a product that both feels like a natural fit for the product ecosystem while also standing out amongst competing products or services. This is a difficult line to navigate, but Clearbridge Mobile can build your brand a custom App that meets or exceeds these requirements through their award-winning commitment to pushing the limits of what apps are capable of.

Apple has demonstrated its resilience in the years since Tim Cook has taken over as CEO, retaining significant market share in multiple categories. Consumers have shown a marked preference for the kinds of personal experiences that Apple products deliver, with no signs of this letting up; that relationship has been extremely lucrative, both for Apple and the content developers who use their platforms. Apple TV development by Clearbridge Mobile can help your business form the kind of intimate relationships with consumers that Apple products can provide. Because expanding your business into your customers’ living rooms is about more than just increasing the number of screens that your content is available on, it’s also about creating long-term, personal connections.

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