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Amazon PPC: The Beginner’s Guide

Amazon PPC: The Beginner’s Guide

Amazon PPC or Pay Per Click is another form of advertising which allows you as a seller to run ads on the Amazon website. This started in 2012 and has helped a lot of business owners grow in this industry. If you need an effective way to advertise your products, then you need to understand how the Amazon PPC software works.

    This is sometimes referred to as the “Sponsored Products” since the ads will appear in the search results as “sponsored”. This is one way for sellers or vendors to buy a position at the top search results of Amazon. So there would be a higher chance for the customer to click on the add.

How Does it Work?

    Keywords. That’s where the Amazon advertising is based on. A seller will bid an amount on the keyword where she wants her product to appear. So the one who bids the highest will be on the top position in the search results of Amazon, the second highest will appear next and so on. The seller will only be required to pay when their ads are clicked. This is similar to Google’s AdWords.

Where Do These Ads Appear?

    These ads will appear on the Amazon’s Search Results, as well as on the Product Listing Pages. On the Amazon Search results, the ads will appear on the search result page. If you will not be attentive enough, you will miss out on these ads mark as “sponsored” since they will just go seamlessly with the other results. These ads can be found usually at the beginning, the middle, as well as on the end of each result. On the other hand, the Product Listing Pages, the ads will show on the product listing pages usually just below the title and pictures, but right above the product description text.

Why Use Amazon PPC?

    Are your Amazon sales doing good? Even if your sales are already running smoothly, you might want to start making use of the Amazon ads. Here are some of the reasons why you have to use an Amazon PPC.

  • Boost Sales. If you want to boost the visibility of your product, Amazon PPC can help you with that. This is one way to increase your sales. This will attract more attention on the first search results page.
  • The Seasonal Campaigns. Most businesses have promotions during the special seasons like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentines, and so much more. This is also best for end-season sales.
  • Effectively Promoting a New Product. Most of the time, new products are hard to find on Amazon. To help you promote your new product, it is best if your customers would easily find it on the first page of the search results.
  • Protect Your Top Sellers. If your brand is already one of the best sellers on Amazon, you can maintain this position by maintaining your product’s visibility.

The Amazon PPC software is one of the best innovations in technology today. Now, promoting a new product, or maintaining the high ranks of your best sellers online wouldn’t be hard. Through this marketing strategy, you would be able to reach success, faster. No more time wasted!

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