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Achieve Your Ideal Web Design Goals with These Five Top Tips

Achieve Your Ideal Web Design Goals with These Five Top Tips

Designing a website takes a lot of time, effort, and thoughtful consideration. But apart from thinking of elements such as the website’s colours, the fonts and typefaces, and other graphic and technical elements such as navigation, there are a few other important considerations you may be forgetting.

Following are the top five tips you should remember if you want to achieve your website design goals:

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Your website’s pictures and images

You may have heard of that familiar adage, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ – well, it is entirely true when it comes to a well-designed, effective website. You have to make it a point to choose just the right images and photos for your website, especially since it helps greatly with the positioning of your brand and the establishment of a stronger connection with your users and your target market. Make sure you have photos and images that are of high quality. For this, you may want to spend a bit by purchasing good stock photos to make your website look better and give a better impression. Aside from photos and images, you can also make use of videos, infographics, and other graphics to communicate your message more effectively.

Your website’s layout

Another essential aspect to think about is your website’s layout. Just consider this: if you simply place different types of content in various random areas or pages in your website, your website will end up looking sloppy and disorganised. What you can do instead is opt for a layout in a grid fashion that allows your website’s content to be arranged into different, well-distinguished columns and sections. You can also make use of boxes to make your website’s information look more balanced and streamlined.

Your website’s layout according to the F pattern   

In addition to choosing a grid pattern for your website’s layout, you should also consider the F pattern. The F pattern is how users scan their laptop or computer screens, focusing more on the design of the letter F – seeing and paying more attention to the screen’s top and left-hand side rather than the right side. If you think about it, you may be doing the same thing yourself. Try to adapt your website’s design to the natural flow of the users’ eye, and display your website’s information following the F pattern – from top to bottom and left to right.

A website that is mobile-friendly

Nowadays, most everyone accesses the Internet and websites through their mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. Since these devices come with multiple-sized screens, you have to adapt your website in order for it to become mobile-friendly as well. When you are seeking help in effective website design from a professional, such as web and graphic design Cheltenham experts like Montpellier Creative (find out more at http://www.montpellier-creative.com), ask them if they can design a responsive website for you so it can easily adjust to various-sized screens. You also have the option to have a dedicated site for mobile, which is a separate site dedicated expressly for mobile use.

Your website’s load times

Have you ever visited a website and abandoned the effort simply because it took too long to load? You wouldn’t want the same thing to happen to your website, would you? There are certain things you can do to increase your website’s load times, which include changing or optimising the sizes of your images, combining various code into a main JavaScript or CSS file, and minifying JavaScript, CSS, or HTML. You can always rely on the experts for this as well.

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