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A large site or sites?

A large site or sites?

For those who want to earn a living on the internet, the question quickly ask: Is it better to focus on one large site, or create several smaller sites?

Over time, the question does not arise, and I am convinced that all freelance webmaster, at their accounts for several years, engaged in several sites. It would be really dangerous, longtime, not base its Biz on one site: fluctuations can be very important.


“Do not put all his marbles in one basket” is one of the fundamental rules of the webmaster who wants to last … (this also applies to advertising agencies, partners, hosting …)

However, scattering in the creation of many sites, we lose time management, and spoil our chances of becoming a reference for the target area. And a “large reference site” will have the advantage of being often quoted on other sites, to capture the best advertisers to enjoy the buzz of effects…

There is of course no clear answer to this question. I would say a big project per year could be a good average with two projects for the first year. Depending on the size of the sites, and management time they ask a freelance webmaster can manage 5 to 20 sites. It will also build partnerships, so that others are responsible for management, or maintenance, moderation …

By focusing on 2 or 3 sites that work best to improve them, expand their content … the little network will have opportunities to thrive, while ensuring certain income stability.

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