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6 Tips To Create Great eLearning Quiz Questions

6 Tips To Create Great eLearning Quiz Questions

Quizzes are a valuable part of an e-Learning course. They provide scores to evaluate your learning during or after your preparation or training is over. Online quiz apps are built-in a way to provide course feedback. They show you if the students or aspirants are accomplishing the learning objectives in your course or you should change the style and material for next time. To ensure you receive the most accurate feedback, you need to ensure that you are writing effective quiz questions.

Here are 6 tips to create great eLearning quiz questions:

  1. Try writing questions that support your learning objectives.
  2. Don’t try to trick your players! Keep your questions clear and simple.
  3. Don’t include too many options in the answer blank as this may confuse your players.

Including too many answer options can become overwhelming for the players. Instead, you should use two to three answer options.

  1. Don’t use True/False questions as they don’t test your players knowledge because the players get 50-50 chance of answering or guessing it right.
  2. Try avoiding “All of the Above” or “None of These” in your Multiple Choice Questions as this may seem tricky to the players and can also confuse them.
  3. Make sure your choices for Multiple Choice Questions are grammatically parallel. One differently phrased choice can mislead your learners.

These 6 tricks can be highly useful in making your app a success. Also, be creative while framing questions. Your learners will appreciate seeing different question types than the usual ones.

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