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5 tips to get your Facebook page

5 tips to get your Facebook page

Facebook has more than a billion friends. This platform is now essential for any business seeking to sustainable success on the web. Considering that users use the network to learn as much as for entertaining or – simply – to kill time, to be an active presence is a major asset of which no company wants to deprive.

A Facebook page allows you to publicize your products / services to promote your offers and news, fill in your “fans” always and above all, offers a direct communication with your customers – or future customers.

Create your page

Simply go to Pages and then click Create Page . Select the category that fits your business and fill in order to provide maximum information about your company. This will allow one hand to facilitate the search for users who want to find you, and also to give them accurate information. It is nothing less secure than a page without source or location.

Then upload your profile picture. If you set up your company’s page, it is recommended to place in this space the logo of your company. You can always accompanied by a cover photo that says more about your business.

About section

In this section (or you can not enter more than 155 characters) you briefly summarize the activity of your business. This description is visible for all users who visit your page and should, therefore, be concise and attractive. Think about what you offer unique and set this value element (but do not cash, you know the patience of Internet users). Above all, do not forget to include a link to your site – even shorten the URL with a suitable tool .

Facebook page

Cover photo

Here you come to the critical step (but also the most fun) of the creative process: choose your cover photo page. Get creative and accompany your logo from an original photo that successfully represents the values ​​of your company. Be sure to select a good resolution image because network users – especially since the acquisition of highly aesthetic Instagram – do not forgive doubtful visuals. These tools for creating cover photos will be of great use.

Recently, the network changed its policy on hedging photos. It is now possible to introduce a call to action text, your company name, contact information and even a note to welcome your visitors. Again, these options are convenient but abuse can prove to be a questionable choice.

  1. Grab your first 100 fans

Let us come to business. Once your page is created, you must face the dreaded stage of the first one hundred fans. To accomplish this overwhelming task, the first solution that is offered to you is – obviously – to invite your friends to like your page. Take care not offer it only to the relatives and family, or to the people actually motivated by the desire to help you get started. They will share your publications with their friends who may be interested in your business and at the same time give some consistency to your page. Once your page will display a number of “Likes” reasonable and your first circle of fans has approved your page, it will be easier to attack you seduce your potential customers. When these arrive home, they will be part of a relatively stable public and will be more inclined to give you confidence.

  1. Scroll promote your page

Once established the foundations of your page, it’ll just build it gradually.

On the network: publish daily and set your communication strategy . To maximize the reach of your publications, use statistics Facebook and stay informed of the content that creates more commitment and times for your page is the most visited. Avoid committing common mistakes that harm so many young carefree pages. If you lack patience, you can always resort to Facebook advertising (even with a reduced budget). Interested in this topic? This article will inform you in more detail.

By mail: Create email marketing campaigns to inform your customers about the launch of your Facebook page. You can use a service like CakeMail to build your mailing list and monitor the performance of your email marketing campaigns. If you have a Wix website (lucky will!) You will find the app on the App Market.

4.Construisez your network

It is important to understand the nature of Face book: it is by definition a social platform reach so more on communication on the sale. In other words, if the network is not the ideal place to promote its products, it enables to finding potential customers with relative ease.

A sensible technique is to visit the pages that might interest your potential customers and generate a conversation. Be careful though not to go with your big shoes to avoid sabotage (really?) Your efforts. Introduce yourself subtly and with respect to the page on which you intervene to prevent one considers you as a polluter of the blue space.

Concretize this idea with an example: if you are a photographer, participate in the pages devoted to the sale of wedding dresses could benefit you. Indeed, these companies are not among your competitors, and your service would be potentially useful to their fans. If you doubt torture, it is entirely appropriate to simply ask permission from the person in charge of the page you are targeting. This discussion will allow you to create a new contact and even – with a little luck – to start a partnership.

5 Connect your site to Face book

A Facebook page that holds up may prove to be a boon for your website. It is therefore essential that you connect to each other. On your website, you can use Facebook through different tools:

  • Facebook Comments : With this application, your visitors can leave comments on your site directly from their Facebook account. Their friends will therefore be exposed to their testimony and will eventually make you a courtesy call.
  • Button “Like” : your visitors can click “Like” on your site.
  • Social Bar : This App allows you to send your visitors on social networks of your company without going through the Google box.

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