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5 Reasons Why Customer Service is Essential for Cable TV and Internet Providers

5 Reasons Why Customer Service is Essential for Cable TV and Internet Providers

Which industry features most in customer complaints in the U.S? You might not be surprised to learn that cable TV and internet providers appear prominently on customer complaint pages onAngie’s List.  An American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey gives the industry a dismal 65% average.

Clearly TV and internet companies have their work cut out for them. But is it all gloom in the industry? Of course not, some of the emerging companies are giving themselves a competitive edge by investing heavily in the quality of their customer service.

To appreciate the reason why this industry badly needs to improve its standards of customer service, consider some of these factors:

  1. Branding

Any TV and internet packages company that does not address its customer’s needs is doomed to fail.  The most outstanding brands, irrespective of how big they are, are the ones which offer numerous communication channels in order to sort out the issues raised by their customers. If you are a consumer you need to buy TV packages from a company that has the capability to resolve your issues fast.

  1. Flexibility

One of the major concerns when it comes to solving customer issues is delay in resolution. If a customer calls a TV company they want technicians to be sent immediately or get advice on getting the channel that has an issue.

Contact WOW Cable and observe how different communication channels including 24/7 online chat, phone, email can be used to solve problems promptly. This TV and internet provider can respond to different clients at the same time because they are using different channels thus improving their reach. The company has a help and support page with FAQs, guides and more information to enhance their customers’ viewing experience.

Cable TV and Internet Providers

  1. Marketing Opportunities

When a television or internet provider responds to different customer queries they can also use this chance to market new products and services.  For instance, if your client has basic cable TV packages you can promote your internet and home phone service packages.  If you have already resolved the customer’s query to their level of satisfaction, they will be motivated to deal further with you by buying such products.

  1. Improved Reputation

Good news spread fast but bad news spread even faster. If your company is notorious for failing to pick customer calls you can bet this will be trending on social media platforms. To avoid such a scenario, TV companies must offer various channels for customers to reach them and also retain highly trained personnel to promptly respond to all queries.

  1. Round-The-Clock Availability

The world today operates around the clock and so should your business.  Investing in 24/7 customer services you will help reduce the backlog of tickets at your company. Your resolution time will also improve and again this endears you to your clients.

Ultimately, the goal for every internet and Cable TV Company should be to ensure every query is responded to promptly.  By investing in a large number of communication channels including 24/7 support, informational website pages, phone, email and even social media platforms, your company can avoid ending up in consumer complaint pages.

As a customer you should always go for a company that is offering you options to reach it in case of technical or billing issues. Never take customer service for granted lest you miss that crucial NFL game on Sunday.

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