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5 Perk Of New Iphone 6s

5 Perk Of New Iphone 6s

The iPhone 6s is up for grab, it is a jewel addition to the lavish series of phones. It is truly a posh stunner, and if you are apple’s lineup hoarder, then this one is for you. But do, its new features justify the price tag? Let’s check out:

What do you get with this new phone? – Overall

The big special feature is the “3D touch” screen, a pressure-sensitive, and a camera which is vastly improved in contrast to its former version.  There are many small yet effective changes too, like a unique camera mode that lets the new iPhone wielder to take live-motion snaps, and the best part, the option to have motion wallpapers.

On the exterior, it looks typically the same with one or two small changes, but the 6s comes with new vibrant color options. Not only the outside, it is also improved on the inside with the likes new processor and bumped-up specs that will help the new iPhone 6s owner to have change apps like a breeze.

 1. The return of curves:

Remember the first iPhone way back when? That thing, you might have forgotten had a half curved edge from the back, before the apple moved to a frame nearer tough hard angles.  And, the iPhone 6s are like the original iPhone, but more holistically crafted, which apple calls continuous flawless design. Meaning, the surface is textually uninterrupted, and the cover glass meets anodized aluminum covering with tangible differentiation.

And, apple term this iphone as it thinnest phone unveiled till now, with a width of 0.27 inches. That’s hair-splitting dimension, though the previous one was also fractionally thicker at 0.30 inches.

  1. Widescreen resolution

Apple new iPhone 6s has a 5.5-inch wide diagonal screen. So, those who love to stream videos on their pass-time will just love to buy cheap iphone 6. Plus, the display has noticeable higher resolution reading 1334 by 750 pixels.  And, the new screen also has broader viewing angels says marketed by apple. Have dramatically higher contrast ratios (1400:1 and 1300:1).

  1. Zippier processor

Meet the new upgraded A8 apple chip; it is a second-gen 64-bit chip having 2 billion transistors, this processor boost up the performance of this classy Smartphone.  And, if you’re in look for some of the fastest phablets on this planet, then iPhone 6s will probably going to be on the front rack.

  1. Better battery life

This new version has better battery performance, which offers 80 hours of audio, 14 hours of video streaming, and an hour or two more that the previous one when browsing the internet, 24 hours of uninterrupted calling, and 16 hours on standby mode.

  1. Good storage capacity

Recent iPhone 6s offer 16 GB data storage extendable up to 32 GB. Therefore, a great investment for Bucky savers: videos, images, movies, and anything to everything.

Final words of advice,

The all above are some of the perks of new iPhone 6s, or the excuses to buy cheap iphone 6 for you or gift someone special.

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