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5 Best Platforms To Generate Reviews For Your Business

5 Best Platforms To Generate Reviews For Your Business

At the beginning of new year, where you have made so many plans for online marketing and SEO, you also need to consider how reviews can impact your brand. It’s not a new thing if you check places, movies, restaurants, departmental stores and products for reviews before purchase. Plenty of e-Commerce sites are there to give you in-depth analysis and real-life experiences with respect to the company or the product.

If you’re a local business then you need to consistently monitor customer reviews, to protect your brand reputation. But where should you start and what review sites should you choose? Since Yelp isn’t the only place for reviews.

Initially, you need to find the sites that best fit you niche. Research reviews of the products similar to yours and check how many people use these sites. Soon you’ll have a list of 5 to 10 review sites you should create your account on.

Or, if you can use any of the review sites discussed below, for they deal with a wide variety of products/services and businesses. These review sites will help maximize the impact of local SEO Toronto on your search marketing campaign as well.

  1. Better Business Bureau

Commonly regarded as BBB, this nonprofit organization has its own standard for accreditation. The organization has its own set of rules to review any business. It considers consumer reviews mainly because BBB gives more value to the fact that how businesses are supposed to act toward customers.

BBB is ideal for current setting as it emphasizes more on location than other things. The homepage of the website asks you about the location of the business. You’ll be asked to furnish the postal code, state or city.

Better Business Bureau is a reputable review website because their standards are quite high.

2.         Consumer Reports

“Consumer Reports” claims to work for customers since 1936. As the name suggests it’s for the benefit of consumers, it offers reviews and ratings of almost all kinds of products and their providers. They have multiple outlets, such as videos, news articles, images and polls.

The website is quite user-friendly as it offers categories to search reviews. You can sign up and customize your account according to your preferences. You can organize all the products that you searched reviews for in the past. Consumers can rate the product between 1 and 5 stars (5 being the best) that help others determining the value of product even without reading the feedback.

What’s more interesting is, Consumer Reports also looks for the reviews on the web and compiles them in one platform. News articles, assessments and analysis are also included with respect to the product.

3.         Angie’s List

Angie’s List is quite popular for reviews, because it doesn’t hide the name of the reviewer. You need to pay $9.99 per month to get your account. If you have an account, it helps maintain your credibility and integrity as a product reviewer.

The online review site deploys a strong check-n-balance system for monitoring and investigating reviews. It makes sure that the reviews are not fake (not being posted by companies themselves). It also offers companies a chance to defend their product against bad customer reviews.

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4.         Google/Yahoo

Google and Yahoo are not just the biggest search engines, they can also be utilized to gather product/company reviews. For local listings, these search engines offer a quick way to get reviews regarding particular business in town.

Take Google for instance; as you type the name of a restaurant chain in the search box, you will see:

  • Location of the nearby place
  • Consumer rating for that restaurant
  • Options to check reviews

Both search engines have unique algorithms for reviews. Such as, you need to have a G+ account, in order to post a review. Still, it’s quite good and probably the quickest way to find out the image of the product in public.

5.         Insider Pages / CitySearch

Both of these sites are more or less similar in nature.

  • They’re user-generated sites based on local business
  • Their major emphasis is on reviews,
  • They’re free

These are the reasons why, although they’re not as popular as Yelp or Yellow Pages, they can be utilized to get organic traffic to your site. Plus, they carry great authority.  Just like Yelp pages, when you type a product related query, you can see these pages as search results.


Finally, it is recommended that you should not rely on one review source only. All of these platforms can be utilized for better results. The amount of reviews you get from each of them will surely differ, it enables you to set your priorities and plan your strategy accordingly. Don’t forget to monitor them continuously.

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