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4 Tips To Ship Smarter For Your Small Business

4 Tips To Ship Smarter For Your Small Business

Industry experts all agree that the best way to boost the effectiveness of shipping for small business is to put a priority on your projections. Projections come from your reports that show you your demographic behaviors in orders and returns. When you can begin to spot your trends and then combine it with the market trends, you can use that information to project costs more reliability.

As a small business, controlling cost is your lifeline. Using shipping management programs with the right tools can make sure you are optimizing your fulfillment process to get the cheap shipping prices that you need. It isn’t just about shipping out but also paying attention to how you handle returns as well. We’ll deliver some helpful tips on this article to give you a head start.


Use Plug-ins To Boost Productivity

Be sure that you pay attention to the plug-ins that are released for the shipping management software that you use. Whether it is an integrated shipping insurance plug-in or an on-demand return label plug-in, the more you can get your software to do steps for you, the more you can concentrate on the soft skills involved with building your business. Some plug-ins you should also be looking at are any that expand the type of reporting you can do with your ecommerce accounts so you can increase the reliability of your projections too.

Rethink Size

USPS offers flat rate shipping by size that can deliver huge savings on shipping and returns for your company while enabling you to more easily compare shipping rates to see which one is most beneficial to your bottom line. If you think that what you ship doesn’t fit in their standardized boxes, think again. It can be a good practice to evaluate your common shipping sizes and see what can be consolidated into a standard box to reduce cost. You can use air packing to keep smaller items in place when using a box size that will then make your volume eligible for commercial discounts.

Use A Packing List To Control Costs

The lowly packing list isn’t something that many people think of when looking for ways to optimize shipping for small business, but it can provide you with a key way to control costs. Larger companies use them to help define and direct the fulfillment process. As a small business you may not have as many hands on your fulfillment process, but you need a way to create accountability for each step. The packing list is something you definitely need to integrate.

Adopt Shipping Management Programs That Do More

Last of all, you really have to make sure that you are using a shipping management program that can do what you need it to do for your business, explains an Entrepreneur Magazine article. You already know it has to be able to take plug-ins, but you also want to make sure it is compatible with your other systems and capable of growing with you as you expand. Take the time to find out what you really need in a program, and then take the time to find out which one is really worth it for your business.

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