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4 tactics to get more leads with your website

4 tactics to get more leads with your website

When it comes time to analyze the ROI of your website, it is undeniable that the number of leads that is generated by this is important. Even if your website is well positioned in the search engines or your conversion rate is up, there is always a time when every marketing manager asks “how to get more leads with my website?”

The reality is that we must generate more qualified leads, rather than focusing on the number of prospects, only! If you increase your rate of qualified leads generated from your website, you are more conducive to convert those qualified prospects into customers, then promoters of your brand. Get better prospects allows your sales team to have a better performance, greater efficiency and a higher ROI. And now, how to get more qualified leads?

4 tactics to get more leads with your website

1. Identify your ideal buyer persona

The first step in web strategy is to identify with whom you are speaking. Who is your ideal buyer, your target audience, your favorite customer? It goes without saying that your company very probably for many types of people, but there is there a type of buyer you are interested in more information or that allows you to achieve a better ROI? If your company sells fashion items, for example, why certain collections allow you to probably make more profit than another. Is this collection is aimed at a more specific type of person? If she caters to young professionals, women between 35 and 50 years, sports men, etc. ? If this is the case, you might choose the target audience of this collection ideal buyer persona, since this collection allows you to increase your profits on sales.

By creating your persona , you can analyze the needs and behavior of your ideal customer – and profitable – and create content and calls to action addressed to them! For this customization, they will feel more challenged for the content of your website.

leads with your website

2. Create content, share, repeat!

One of the best ways to generate leads with your website is to create relevant and educational content that speaks directly to your ideal buyer persona. Not only this content will help you better position yourself on search engines and qualify on relevant keywords for your personas, you will also more content to share on your social media. After all, 89% of online consumers use search engines to make a buying decision [source: Fleishman-Hillard], and 46% rely on social media to help them in their buying decision [Source: Nielsen ]!

3. Optimize your site for search engines

Creating content helps your ranking on search engines, but it is not the only factor that helps you position yourself. 60% of clicks on search results pages are concentrated on the first 3 links only! It is therefore important to adopt an SEO strategy (or strategy SEO ) to attract more leads through your website. It considers your competitors, your personas and key words you need to position yourself. Once these expressions selected keywords, your content is optimized to ensure better positioning. In the words and the degree of competition, it may be that the effort is more or less demanding. Again, creating content for these keywords is also a good way to improve your positioning on these keywords or keyword phrases.

4. Not fast enough? Consider a PPC campaign!

SEO or SEO and content creation are extremely powerful effort, but work better in the medium and long term. In fact, search engines put a little time to optimize their rankings indexed pages and sites, besides everything you need to create content. Plus you have relevant content, the better your e-reputation and lead generation. By cons, we must also take the time to write this content. It is normal not to see any direct impact on the natural says lead generation in the first weeks following the implementation of previous tactics. A great way to increase your online visibility faster – or waiting for natural results – is to create an advertising campaign cost per click (Pay-Per-Click or PPC). These campaigns are studied based on the keywords used in your SEO strategy. They are therefore targeted to achieve your ideal buyer personas and attract on your website.

When discussing lead generation, it should be noted that 50% of leads generated by your site are qualified but are not yet ready to buy . We must therefore consider what tactics adopted so to mature such qualified prospects into buyers. Web marketing can help advance these new qualified leads into your sales funnel by presenting relevant and educational content designed specifically for advancing towards your sales team!

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