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4 brands secrets for a successful strategy on Instagram

4 brands secrets for a successful strategy on Instagram

In response to the series ” Choosing your social networks “, I invite you to take a look at Instagram. Social media are numerous, and it would be difficult to name them all. Anyway, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram are the main social media.

Instagram is a visual social media where photography is honored. Users are encouraged to upload their own photos to their accounts and to edit them through filters of Instagram tool or send them as original forms. The content of these pictures is available through research and hashtags (hashtag). According to Maximize Social Business , 37% of users have Instagram between 18 and 29 years and 68% of users are women. It includes brands such as Ben & Jerry’s, Levi’s and American Express. How these brands they manage to increase their awareness through social media Instagram? Here are some tips that you can adapt for your SME.

Here are some tips that you can adapt your SME for a successful strategy Instagram.

As a brand, it is important to use Instagram to suit your personas . If your persona is young, female, love the food and fashion and is part of the generation Y or hipster, then your brand certainly has its place on Instagram.

1- Rally a community around your trademark

By creating a culture of brand you will come to rally your customers and potential customers and turn them into ambassadors of your brand on Instagram. Be original! Show the scenes of your business or how you realize your product. Share photomontages and add text (like thoughts of the day or testimony), etc. We need your content to be imaged, but you can, depending on your personas, find out how to create engaging content and gain notoriety. Just keep your target audience in mind, to define their tastes, then put your product, service or brand value in a manner that will affect them. Use the 80/20 rule, where 80% of your content should be interesting and value-added and 20% more likely to promote your services.

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2- Use hashtags (hashtags)

Be visible: Use the descriptions and hashtags. Remember to enter text in line with the targeted keywords in your content strategy and do a search to find the most important hashtags in your industry!

3- Launch Contest

With hashtags you can also run contests to encourage your subscribers to interact with you and be creative. The sharing of images and creativity are the foundations of this social media! You can encourage users to take a picture of them with your product, and then to share their Instagram profile using a hashtag. You can then follow those enrolled in the contest with the hashtag and choose the best photo, the most creative or by picking a random. When you create competition, you are talking about you and you gain visibility! Do not forget to share your contest on your other profiles, including Facebook. Also be sure that people in publishing their photos to the correct network.

4. Inhale your potential customers

Use photos that will make your fans smile, think or make the mouth water! Depending on your persona and your content strategy, Instagram is a great way to share the non-promotional content. Below, from left to right are pictures of Red Bull, Starbucks, Marc Jacobs and National Geographic. Examples of brands that publish pictures just beautiful and inspiring!

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