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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Own Site

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Own Site

Your website is actually the reflection of the business that you are doing. In this digitalized world, everyone depends on the internet for searching products and for getting required services. If your website is not well-designed and lacks information about what customers are looking for, there is no advantage in promoting and enhancing online presence. Though, most of the business owners think that it is better to depend on professionals who can design and develop websites for you. But in the present days, there is an opportunity of creating your own site. This allows an individual to get what they want and customize the website according to their preference.

There are various advantages associated with making your own sites. Giving all the responsibilities to web designers is a matter of investing money and time. But when you are making your own site by following the ‘Do It Yourself’ Tutorials from online sites, you just have to spend half time in making your online platform and most importantly do it for free. Creating a website is always associated with making mistakes if you are a novice. In that case you must take a look at the following common mistake that might hamper your representation:

  1. No Particular Business Plan and Marketing Strategy –

It is one of the common mistakes made by most of the self-web designers. As for the first time while developing your own site, you may not include the right business plan and marketing strategy. While preparing your website, it is necessary to set a goal and follow it. Some of the people just believe that creating a website can attract traffic which is basically a misconception. You should have a fixed business plan and strategy.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Host and Platform

This is a major mistake that should be avoided by you while developing your site. Every site should have a good hosting platform. There are various free hosts like Blogger and Weebly where you can post blog for free, so why wasting money on the paid hosts. But there are several issues associated with free hosting. So, be sure while posting your blogs and creating a online representation of your own. .

  1. Poor Design and Messages

The design of your site is very important when your main target is to promote business online. The design is responsible for visual appealing. A business owner’s aim at representing the business perfectly and therefore, they will not want people to come and leave the website.  If the website does not reveal your objectives and goals of your business, then you can never get your desired results.

Apart from these three mistakes that one needs to avoid, your site should not be too blog oriented and lack in information. If you have a question- how to make my websites for free, then you can definitely take help of the DTY guidelines that are available on various sites.

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