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2018 Most Fascinating Logo Design Trends

2018 Most Fascinating Logo Design Trends

A logo is not just a face but an overall depiction of the brand identity. It holds innumerable Benefits in the digital world. Being an important branding asset, it requires highly skilled expertise in its design framework. You just cannot simply sit at a place and get done with the company’s logo in a blink! You have to carry out a comprehensive research about the ins and outs of the business and its market along with peeking into the list of competitors and knowing them fully. After gathering all the essential requirements, a logo is crafted that is appealing as well as captivating. Your logo will decide whether the site will entertain a huge traffic or not. It will tell you about the likelihood of gathering maximum traffic on your site while gaining trust from your target audience. To create a compelling logo it is necessary to stay updated with the latest trends in the market. To give you a brief insight into which trend is rolling the dice and which trend is enjoying the center stage here is a small list summarized below: Read on The 2018 trends list of logo design.

Responsive Design

Design not just for the website but for every little branding asset is what marketers believe. Today, as per the latest trend, designers are seeking ways through which they can create responsive designs that can fit on the small profile pictures of social media sites plus looks great on letterheads as well. The goal is not only to create aesthetically mesmerizing designs but also to create contextual layouts that look perfect in different mediums.

Architectural Inspiration

Logo designing has moved to a highly incredible level. Now designers are using architectural inspiration to creating a logo design. Now logos depicts physical manifestation of objects or building. Adding architectural landmarks plays a major role in attracting target audience and sustaining their attention.

Appealing Typography

Designers seem to play around with typography. They are mixing color pallets, font styles and blending different types together. Most of the designers are also using some angles to drive or highlight a perspective or meaning in the logo. As you can see the picture below, look how the word echo is designed keeping in mind the way frequency travels and the size of the circles change. Such geometric angles and techniques are also being used. Many professionals adopt a uniqueness in letterform. This has proved to be the simplest manner of creating a brand identity and it can ensure to grab viewer’s attention as well.

Grid Style

In logo designing, the grid-based logo is being currently used. From the web design layouts to the formation of logos, designers prefer using the grid style. It leaves a bold, sophisticated outlook, and appeals the viewers in the most professional manner. Grid style depicts a modern and unique look. It fascinates the viewers and helps in building up a robust corporate identity.

Masking Technique

The masking technique is new on the trend list. The technique is used to mask a shade or print onto another. The easy yet a bit critical technique never fails to appeal the target audience. It shows a perfect use of negative space and creativity. With the use of this technique, you can play around with the two very important aspects of designing that involves- conceptual approach and abstract flare.

To Wrap Up

Use these fascinating trends list in sketching out your custom logo design and note the difference. These trends will surely go to bring a positive change to your site’s performance and gather more traffic to your website.

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