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10 tips for a successful website

10 tips for a successful website

Here are 10 points to design a good website. A web design is key to get success in internet business. Here in this article I will discuss ten points about creating a good website.

10 tips for a successful website

1) Surf the web: this advice may seem simplistic, but it is certain that a thorough knowledge of the web will save time later. We can find inspiration there, examples of sites that we like, others rather displease us, and especially good advice already experienced webmasters. You will find particularly webmasters to forums most of the answers to the questions that you will ask during your creation.

2) Think and target your project: what are you going to put in your site? What are the technical and artistic skills? How much time can you devote to the development of the site? So many questions it is useful to ask before launching.

Unless you have the budget of Orange or Yahoo, I recommend strongly to target your site. A small sharp site on a specific area will often be more interesting than a small general portal.

3) Treat a topic that interests you, a site is often a long-term experience. You will have as much to the heart of entering and enrich the subject interest you.

4) Create content: yes! This is the hardest, but the most important too. The content (articles, photos, videos …), unique to your site, will be its main asset, the “trunk” of your site. Then you will be able to piggyback other services (directory, forum, ads …).

Heal your spelling, many users are susceptible, and you’ll be better understood.

5) Pay a domain name and hosting: although some free hosting are of good quality, buy a domain name and hosting then you will avoid many troubles (unable to install scripts, slowdown, pub more .. .).

It is better to buy from the first on-line, as a site of the move, and a change of url, will lose a lot of traffic.

6) Ease of navigation: important topics and hospitality must be easily accessible from all pages of the site. Try to well highlight specific content to the site.

7) Integrate your ads if you display advertising on your site, search for your balance pubs are visible enough to be paid for, and discrete enough for that they do not leak your users (that which would be much less paying therm). A pub picture max per screen, a popup max per page …

8) Find referrals: to drive traffic to your site, it will make that other sites link to yours. Looking for sites in the same domain as yours, and propose it in the directory, or top site if the site proposes, or write to the webmaster to forge a partnership.

9) Enrich your site: the life of a site just starts at the first put online. Throughout its growth, you add new content, new services, create a new version of the design, interface … and so want to give your visitors coming back to your site regularly.

Plan a simple procedure to add the content, and menus that accompany it, to lose as little time as possible in this task.

10) Learn from your clients: thanks to a form, a forum, comments or other exchange interface, your users can express their criticisms and expectations, give you ideas to improve your site.

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