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10 free alternatives to Microsoft Office

10 free alternatives to Microsoft Office

If you want a workplace programs suite for the computer, Microsoft ‘office’ is an ideal solution … Regrettably dear!

You will find several free options, able to perform exactly the same act as Word, Stand out or Ms powerpoint. This is exactly what I suggest using these 10 free options to Microsoft ‘office’:

  1. BrOffice: includes programs to produce text documents for example Word, Stand out and excel spreadsheets for example Energy Point presentations.
  1. Lotus Symphony: free office suite produced by IBM that you will discover three programs for documents, excel spreadsheets and presentations.
  1. LibreOffice: changed outdoors Office suite. It provides a thing processor, spreadsheet, presentation editor, etc.
  1. KOffice: office suite distributed using the KDE GUI for Linux. A Home windows version also is available. It features a text editor, excel spreadsheets, presentations, etc.

Microsoft Office

  1. OOo4Kids: simplified form of Open Office for kids between 7 and 12 years.
  1. AbiWord: a light-weight word processor.
  1. Google Paperwork office suite that gives Web programs.
  1. Zoho: considered among the best online office suites. Additionally to word processing, excel spreadsheets and presentations, it provides greater than 20 productivity programs.
  1. Office Web Applications: free web service produced by Microsoft that enables you to definitely create and edit Word, Stand out, Ms powerpoint and OneNote from your browser.
  1. Think Free Office: office suite obtainable in web and desktop version.

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